Since I remember I’ve always put on cosy clothes when coming home. After school, work, meeting I immediately change into sweatpants, training leggings or homewear. You’ll see more often in a hoodie that in high heels, that’s for sure.

During the first weeks of quarantine I was having a little crisis. I couldn’t make myself into wearing „office” clothes, although I loved dressing up for work earlier. In the end I was always choosing sweatpants. After a while I decided to stop feeling bad about it and make a compromise – I started dressing up in athleisure style. What is that?

The name is a combination of 2 words: athletic and leisure. It’s a style that combines sport and casual wardrobe. In the 90s everyone was dressing like that. They mixed sweatpants with oversized blazers and chose trainers to go with suits. It’s actually Prada that started big athleisure come back this season. Their Nylon collection is a total hit because it’s promoting wearing shirts with running shorts!

Athleisure is so much more that just a style. I think it will be a lifestyle trend when we will gradually come back to work. I don’t know how about you but I’d definitely won’t quit wearing cosy stuff just like that. Till the joy of dressing up gets me again, I’ll take baby steps. Baby steps guys.

Check out my 3 home office style propositions and tell which one you like the most!

Home office look ideas


Hoodie ALEXANDER WANG (similar tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)

Necklace LE BRAND

Shirt TOTEME (similar tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)

Flats LE BRAND (similar tutaj, tutaj, tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)

Dress LE PETIT TROU (similar tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)

Bandana LE BRAND

Home office look ideas

Dress RODEBJER (similar tutaj, tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)

Shirt RIKA STUDIOS (similar tutaj, tutaj)


Sandals PRADA (similare tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)

Shorts PRADA (similar tutaj, tutaj)

Sunglasses old CELINE (similare tutaj, tutaj)

Denim ARKET (similar tutaj, tutaj)

Home office look ideas

Blazer ISABEL MARANT (similar tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)



Srunchie MOYE (similar tutaj, tutaj)

Flats TOTEME (similar tutaj, tutaj)

T-shirt PANGAIA (similar tutaj, tutaj)

Sweats PANGAIA (similar tutaj, tutaj)


Which one is your favourite? 🙂

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