Once upon a time I said to myself – the first designer item that you’re going to buy will be Acne Studios Canada Scarf in grey. Few years later I found myself in Paris with a pretty pink bag. If you have your eyes on it too, let me tell you little more about mine and hopefully some of your questions will be answered.

But let me tell you at the beginning that I won’t answer the most common one, which is: Why did you bought a scarf for 150 euro when you can find similar one in H&M for the price 10 euro. Nope. I’m not going there. But for those who think that when it comes to buying designer stuff the only thing that matters is a price tag, you’re wrong. It is so much more than that. I choose designers items because of my ethic. Instead of 10 scarfs I rather have one in great quality, made 100% in Europe, and more importantly in Italy. So let me start this review with a little glimpse onto history.


The Story. Canada Scarf is a Acne Studios prior product. It is well known for it’s woolen fabric that ends with fringes. The most iconic thing in this scarf is of course the tag – black logo on satin ribbon (that most of the people tend to show off). It is available in few different shades as well as two sizes – narrow one and classic, the one that I’ve bought. The narrow one is great for spring and warmer months, as the classic is suggested in the winter, because you can throw it on like a blanket and feel super cozy and warm.

Scarf is made from virgin wool, but don’t worry – it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, but soft and delicate. The items are sewed in Italy and that stands for the best quality.


My review. I didn’t want to write this review right after my trip to Paris. What’s the point of telling you about a scarf that I’ve only worn for few weeks? That’s why I’ve waited two months and have been wearing it a lot. Trust me. My thoughts? It didn’t pilled nor destroyed in any way. I’m 100 % content with this investment and already planning another one. Maybe black? What do you think 🙂 ?

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Where to buy? Because it was my first „luxury” item that I’ve ever bought I want it to be a whole amazing experience. I bought it during my trip to Paris in Palais Royal Acne Studios Boutique, which I totally recommend (magical place!). You can find Acne official stores in every big city so find out which is the most convenient 🙂

If you want to buy it online go to the official site it has delivery for 10 euro when shops like netaporter.com and matchesfashion.com for example deliver it for 15 euro, as I recently noticed, so it’s cheaper on acnestudios.com

I recommend buying classic scarf because there’s not really a huge difference in price – bigger is for 150 euro and narrower for 120 euro. But it’s up to you!

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Hope I could help,

Let me know what you think 🙂