When it comes to my summer wardrobe I tend to pick a lot of white and pink clothes, which in fall and winter season are just impossible for me. On a daily basis I’m 100% minimalist, if you see me in the streets I’ll probably have white T-shirt, jeans and maxi coat or whatever, but summer is the only time of the year when my wardrobe is literally blossoming! That’s why when I noticed this Zara jacket I couldn’t get out of the shop without purchasing it. It was the best choice for summer! Whenever I buy clothes I immediately think about the places I would wear them, and this one was my best choice for French Riviera vacations! Wasn’t it? Most importantly I didn’t know that Nice architecture is a heaven of pastel buildings with Le Negresco hotel particularly. This way I was not only super summery dressed but matchy – matchy with the whole city 🙂



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