Well, here is the question. Few weeks. Four walls. How to survive? I am home quarantined for about a month now. It’s not easy and situation is scary but as always I am quite optimistic person. Have you guys noticed how much earth is healing whilst we are staying at home? It’s unbelievable! So this a positive post to tell you that there is a lot of things to do, that you’ve never had time for before.

At first, vision of me staying away from my friends and family was devastating, I love people. Now I see that focusing on yourself for a few weeks is really beneficial. You have to choose books over parties, healthy breakfasts over morning croissant in a rush, evening workout over going for a drink… and so on. To be honest I am not bored at all. Here’s what you can do.

Find new routine

First 3 days on #homeoffice were the worst. I tried living the way I use to and it didn’t work out. Luckily, I read amazing interview with psychologist who advised to find new routines instead of trying to fit office life in home reality. So I did. Instead of being frustrated that cooking dinner takes 1,5h instead of eating take away at work for 30 minutes, I adjusted. I found new routine. To be honest it looks like as Hollywood star routine, but why not? It is just for couple of weeks 🙂

So I woke up at 8:00, put on working clothes and go for 20 minute yoga session (no excuses, not like you got a bus to catch up). Then dry brushing your body and shower (girls let’s face it, we are not doing 10k steps per day so cellulite won’t go away by itself). In kitchen I make ginger shots, take coffee to my „office” and prepare for 10 am video call with my editorial team. Since I don’t have any „office duties” I can fully focus on writing articles, social media stuff and reading all the online articles I’ve never had time before. Then lunch break. It takes now 1,5h to prep a meal and not 30 minutes, but I am okay with that now. Living in slow mode can be really good.

Workout – no excuses

Sorry you don’t have any. I didn’t have time? I missed my bus? I don’t have gym license? You have no excuses because there are a lot of trainers that do online classes for free during quarantine. My favourite yoga account Boho Beautiful offers access to online workouts for 1$ and free 14 days yoga and meditation camp. Pretty cool, huh?

Challenge Accepted!

That’s what Barney Stinson would say. Be like Barney. Take challenge. Any one. You can make Pinterest like breakfast every day. It may doesn’t seem like but putting banana and berries in Acai Bowl that nicely is really hard! Make green juice every day. I’ve always wondered if it gives that glow effect on your skin like everyone say. Cook something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted trying Japanese cuisine? Or Mexican? You have to do something with your spare hours so why not learning how to roll sushi? Be like Nigella. Bake something. Even if it’s without sugar, diary, gluten or whatever.

Take an online course in pajamas

You won’t believe how many free curses are in the internet right now. Even Yale and Harvard shared theirs during quarantine. You can learn new language or take a code camp or even learn the tricks of being a stylist from well know Elle and Vogue UK fashion editor Lucinda Chambers?

All you have to do is buy Premium Membership on Business of Fashion platform. It normally costs a lot but now you’ll pay 1 pound. I already started this styling course and it’s great. You can also take virtual tours in well know museums! It all thanks to Google Arts & Culture. For example I took a trip yesterday to Getty Museum in Los Angeles.


It is my 2020 resolution to read more books. I’ve already read 4 and for me it is something! I made an online order for a few that I always wanted to read and never had a time to: Zaddie Smith, Ernst Gombrich, Dominque Loreau or Sara Button. What are you recommending?

Just chill out

During this uncertain times doctors says the best you can do is to relax. It’s time to take care of your mental health. To be honest I always treated it marginally because there were more important stuff. Now I finally found time to small pleasures. Rolling my face with jade roller in the mornings, learning how to do face massage with Joanna Czech (a real game changer!), meditating, doing pamper evenings every other and really trying to chill out. I even found the great benefits of aromatherapy! Seriously guys, it works!

See you!