I guess there has been hundreds of books written about parisian style. I know that no matter what I’ve never be one of those girls. I would love to look très chic all the time even if I just got up out of bed, have this „touched by the wine” lips and messy hair. In the end when I get out of bed I actually look as I have just got out of bed (haha).

Yet, I admire parisian style and always wanted to have few classic pieces in my closet (or perhaps have whole closet in Isabel marant clothes to be more precise!). I already have few blouses in Breton stripes (the ones that Picasso and Coco Chanel wore), timeless navy blue coat and beloved loafers. When I was in Paris last fall I finally bought one thing that lacks in my closet the most – Isabel Marant „Evie” hat. Before that one I had similar hat from H&M. I always do that, first try more affordable stuff and if I like those I splurge on luxury items (if I can afford them of course)!

So, the real question that you all might have in mind is – why the hell 160 euro hat is better that 20 euro one? Well, I won’t definitely tell you that when I put on Isabel Marant hat it suddenly felt like I was wearing a crown, or that I could never go back to buying at H&M. I hate when people are making luxury fashion seen like these clothes are send from heaven or sth like that.

But I have to tell you that it’s so much better than the H&M one quality and contraction wise. Firstly, H&M hats (and other brands too let’s be honest) are strengthen with paper to maintain its shape. That’s why when they become wet too much or you’re not store them properly they will loose form. Isabel hat is strengthen with wool (extra textile). It’s actually a mix of wool and cashmere. It’s delicate and very nice in touch, as well as very flattering to your head. I often felt like H&M shape make my head look bigger whereas this one thanks to very thin shape is finally making me look like parisian wannabe 🙂

I chose the one in color „Midnight blue” although I was looking for the black one to match all my clothes. As it turns out they don’t produce black one and thank God I chose this beautiful blue one because it just looks amazing to my blond hair! As for the size, there are various ones so I suggest to try it on first. You don’t want to have it too big or too small.

There’s also another advantage when buying in the boutique – you get the whole experience of buying your designer item, and it so much more fun that just ordering online. I know some say it’s shallow but I don’t care. I love celebrating small things. I wish people would go to Zara and be really excited for buying stuff and not just make it as an impuls. When you splurge on sth you are more aware of the item and why you need it.

I think in the era of sustainable fashion it’s nice to get your shopping always into consideration and know how many people and creativity took to make it.


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Fot. Marta Chudek (@martachudek)