Have you ever heard about beauty minimalism? Detoxing your make up bag? I remember myself back in high school when I was buying cosmetics impulsively just because I saw them at beauty blogs and youtube channels. I got into strobing, contouring, baking, matte lips, shadowy eye… and all that stuff that made you a completely different looking person. And at the end I always didn’t like the way I looked.

I started thinking more and more about cosmetics that I’ve been using about 5 years ago after consulting with dermatologist. It turns out I am allergic to most of these make up and skincare products. But the most important step was realizing that I don’t have to look exactly like all beauty influencers. I look and feel better the way I look naturally, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t put make up at all, I do but it only embrace your beauty and not change it.

My make up bag right now consists of 5 make up products that I use every day: mascara, brow gel, BB cream, blush and lip balm.

However it’s the last one that I treat specially and always test slightly pricer ones. I love luxury lip balms and lately my YSL has been switched to this Dior’s lip balm, that is not only moisturizing and transparent but has a sweet and cute looking package – who doesn’t want to have it in their bag?

I wonder what are yours #guiltypleasures? 🙂


Lip balm DIOR

Trench H&M vintage (similar H&M and MAJE)

Pants ZARA vintage (similar H&M and RE/DONE)

Shoes ZARA (similar &OTHER STORIES and H&M)

Sweater THE ODDER SIDE (similar H&M and ACNE STUDIOS)



fot. Marta Chudek