Are you in search for a wedding outfit? Wedding dress code can be quite restricted and overwhelming. No white, no black, probably not too fancy (you don’t want to look better than the bride!), colorful and maybe modest? I hate dressing up for the wedding because when I can’t buy black and white clothes, there’s nothing that satisfies me. But what can we do? I search trough some online websites and find 4 wedding outfit ideas that might look really good and not be super boring at all! If you liked one of them, got inspired or even picked one, please let me know!


Slip dress trend is very tricky, because most of the times when you are wearing the dress, people on the streets thinks you wearing a night pyjamas (and all you wanna do is shout this is fashion everybody! Yep, know how you feel) But there’s one exception – parties! Night time dress code has no limits, so when I saw on the runways that slip dresses are coming back I knew that parties will be perfect to wear them. So don’t be shy, and search for them at sales, because I assure you, you will find them in almost every store! Products mentioned in this set are all Zara ones, and all from sales!


Not everybody wants to wear dress, but that’s ok, because what are jumpsuit for right? This Zara one is a total wedding-made piece. Pastel, classic and figure flattering. Doesn’t matter what type of heel would you wear with it, because it will be hidden anyway (unless you more than 2 m high). But if not with the shoes, you can play with accessories, I picked a cool clutch from Edie Parker and hoop earrings from Mango. Oh, and the shoes are from Stradivarius, if you wander.

Wrap skirt-2

Do you know that wrap dresses are a total autumn trend? They are easy to wear and go well with every figure type. This one is super girly and I found it on Asos. As you can see Asos Stylist choose a black, leather choker as the accessory, I also think it is the perfect choice, another option is a silver jewellery (the one on set are from Wishbone). What else? A marble clutch also from Edie Parker and metallic heels from Uterque.

Not too sweet-3

Pink, blue, pink… but what if you don’t want to wear pastel to the wedding? I think navy is a great option, because it is not as serious as black, and with pink details looks very fashionable. The dress on set is from Self Portrait, which you can find in or That much embroidery doesn’t need any accessory, maybe just classic necklace (Wishbone), and Dior alike heels from Uterque.

Do you see any similarities in every set? Yeah I’m total metallic trend freak at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t help it, this color just made my life so much easier because it goes well with almost everything. Am I right? Another thing are the Edie Parker clutches! I think weddings are perfect occasion for buying funny and cool clutches, that will always make your outfit more interesting. Besides Edie Parker you can always choose Charlotte Olympia, who in this season made collection of clutches that look like children books!

See Ya!