I realized lately that I usually experiment with fashion in summer and during colder seasons I am rather minimalistic and simple when it comes to my outfit. My wallet in the same way is devastated after the summer and I rarely feel the need to buy myself so many clothes in the winter. As the fall is approaching my closet is becoming navy, white and grey and I don’t feel the need to stand out, just be cozy.

That’s why I found fall and spring, the transitional seasons, a great time to invest in statement pieces, the ones that are the key to your style and will serve you long time. In this post I decided to write about some of my favorite essentials. Some of them I bought a long time ago, some recently – but all of them are timeless and gives you this scandinavian inspired looks, that I personally opt for.

Beige trench coat

I had a beige coat once in secondary school but with all additional embroidery and a really unflattering color I threw it away after one season. Years later I found this trench on sale in H&M and it is with me ever since. When you are looking for a perfect english trench coat buy a simple one, slightly oversized and long enough that you look like a Humphrey Bogart or Sherlock Holmes. That’s the classic for years to come.

Girl in beige trench with Chylak bag

Cozy sweaters

I discovered the logic behind buying sweaters few years ago. The first and most important one is: Don’t buy acrylic ones! No matter how tempting, cheap and fashionable they are on H&M or other hight street store, just don’t. It will look presentable 3 times and then it’ll start pilling and indeed starts looking cheap. I always go for wool, cashmere or mohair, because it just looks better and lasts longer. I don’t want to buy something that I will have to throw away after few wear outs.

When you are looking for sweaters to go with your minimalistic closet I highly recommend getting 3 ones (I wear them alternately). Firstly a turtleneck (I have black, white and camel), secondly, oversized grey one (great with denim and boots or even over a dress!) and last but not least – a striped one! You’ll look in it like a Parisian chic.

Cozy sweaters on the bed

Stan Smith’s

Omg how I fell in love with those white trainers. Not inly they are so comfortable and more importantly they go with everything. I wear them with dresses, jeans, long coats and they always give our outfit that cool look. To be honest I can’t remember when was the last time I have a black pair of trainers on my feet?

Nike Stan Smith

Acne Studios Canada Scarf

Firstly I got obsessed over the iconic pink box from Acne Studios. I was always such a fan of scandinavian style and Acne was one of those brands that I saw constantly on my favorite scandinavian it girls. That’s why when I saw this iconic grey scarf with the tag on it I immediately wanted to have it. I was amazed about the quality of it – I had a few of this scarfs (not from Acne) before and they always felt so itchy on my neck. This one is made from a virgin wool and it’s so soft and is not pilling at all (and it’s with me for over 2 years now!).

Acne Studios Canada Scarf in grey


I didn’t mind buying jeans from high street brands. I loved Zara and H&M denim for a long time and had some pairs that lasted 5 years. But lately the quality of it was so bad that had to find a new pair. When I decided to invest in classic Levi’s I realized why people were so excited about it. I bought a Levi’s 501 Skinny and at first couldn’t get use to the real denim (it’s so much more rigid that normal jeans) but now I love it. Not to mentioned how this model is shaping you booty.

Levi's 501 Skinny

Black bag

I use to have all my bags from Zara. But when I started working in fashion I realized that you can wear a bag that is simply a copy of a really talented designer. That was when I decided to invest in my first „designer” bag. But not the Chanel 2.55, I opt for a young polish designer Zosia Chylak whoose designs are so iconic that the she even got mentioned by British Vogue! If you are looking for a everyday bag you don’t have to spend a fortune. There is a lot of young designers with great projects that sometimes are worth as much as a Zara ones.

Girl sitting on the stairs- chalk bag and checked blazer

Hoop earrings

I can’t count how many of this I own now, because there’s more and more coming in. Hoop earrings are my favorite type of jewelry and I wear them all the time.

Gold earrings and grey sweater

And what are your style essentials?

Until later!


1, 3, 4 and 6 photos by Marta Chudek