I used to have make up products piling up in my bathroom all the time. I watched a lot (really, a lot) make up tutorials on Youtube and was super liable on the „You need this” word. So I had all of this high coverage foundations, brow pencils, contouring and strobing kits (if you don’t know what that is just look at Kim Kardashian’s face).

More and more stuff had suppose to make me look better but in fact it makes me look worse. I envy girls that can put such amount of make up and doesn’t have any problems with their skin but in my case acne wouldn’t go away. Sounds similar? No worries, I have a solution for you.

Few years ago I re-organized everything and put my minimal approach not only into fashion but also beauty. Actually – „You don’t need all of this” is my advice. Find out what works with your skin and stick to it. Being a minimal beauty queen doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to try new things. You can still test products out but if they doesn’t work don’t use them just because everyone else is using them  (I had it with Estee Lauder foundations for example). Where to start?

Foundations YSL Clinique and Glossier

The base

From the basics of course. First skincare (we will talk about it in upcoming post) and then there is foundation problem, which one to choose? I personally believe that you need 3 (relax, I only have this rule when it comes to foundations). Why 3? For different occasions.

I have YSL (high coverage) for the most glamorous night outs, Clinique (medium coverage) for „I want to look good days” and my latest discovery – Glossier (light tinted balm) for „good skin days” and weekends.

I know it would be the best if you doesn’t wear foundation at all, but let’s be realistic – can’t happen. If you have only one, let’s say an YSL one, you wear high coverage everyday and your face isn’t breathing. I personally saw huge results when switching products and doing make up free Sundays.

Every day make up products

5 steps of everyday make up

5 steps = 5 minutes. Quick, easy and minimal. These steps enhance your beauty and not hide it behind make up!

Pick the foundation you’re choosing today and apply it with your fingers – skin breaks out mostly because we’re not washing our tools regularly. Also I find that applying with fingers creates more natural effect than with brush or beauty blender.

Brow time. This is my most important step. I can go out with bare face but I’ll always have my brows brushed. I have a pretty dark and bushy brows and don’t need any shadows or pencils but they definitely need definition! I use to love Maybelline brow mascara but they change applicator and it’s bad. I switched to Glossier because heard some amazing stuff and they appeared to be true!

Mascara. I have to admit that I love… luxury make up products. I just find them better quality and packaging and all that marketing dream they sell. But I will never switch my L’oreal Volume Lash mascara (the one in gold packaging) to anything else. It’s my holy grail and your lashes are so long afterwards. Who knows know.

Blush in a rush. It’s a fact that bronzers are not your best friends when you have problematic skin, but blushers on the other hand are perfect. So I like to splurge on them because luxury ones, in my opinion, have better pigmentations (and that type of cosmetic lasts a while so you’re excused). At the moment I use Sisley blusher because it has both pink and peachy tones and works as highlighter as well!

Lips. I use tones of lip balms and just discovered the best one – Glossier in cherry taste. It’s nourishing, protecting and has this amazing smell. My other favorites are Lush beeswax, original Vaseline and YSL and Dior ones that have a little pink finishing touch.

*I could add here 6th step which is white nail polish (my signature style). I highly recommend Essie ones but when they withdraw from Poland I discovered that Chanel one has the same thick texture, need just 2 coats and it has more precise applicator.

Every day make ups essentials Glossier and Lush

My bold make up moves

When the sun comes down… I allow myself to use some forbidden products (but since it’s only 1-2 times a month it’s okay). When I go out I don’t do smokey eye, cat eye or red lip (I feel like this doesn’t suit me at all). Instead I just give my face a bit of definition but still sticking up to 5 steps rule.

YSL nights. This is the time that I choose the big guy. YSL foundation has a really high coverage but at the same time looks pretty light on your face. It doesn’t have mattifying effect but enhance your glow.

Bronze Goddess. This is the title of a famous Estee Lauder bronzer. I didn’t use it yet but want to try when I finish this 2 faced one. As I said bronzer isn’t my best friend but we get along from time to time at the parties and night outs.

Eyeshadow baby. I bought my first Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette probably 7 years ago when everyone was talking about it and after first use knew why. I love their selection of nude and bronze colors, they have great pigmentation and shadows doesn’t crumble on your under eyes but last a long time. I use light browns for my eyelid and white touch on inner corners of my eye.

Brows & Lashes. This step doesn’t change at all from my everyday routine. Glossier brush on my brows, L’oreal on my lashes.  Another mascara that you see in photo (famous Lancome Hypnose) I received a while ago and use it from time to time BUT still thinks L’oreal is the best.

Lip. I received this Chanel lipstick last month and felt in love instantly! Guys I finally realized why original red doesn’t suit me – for my blond hair and dark eyes I need sth colder and more pinky, wine colour even. This is Chanel Rouge Allure in shade 226 Romantique – it doesn’t need contour lip pencil because the applicator is so precise but I use famous Inglot in shade 74 anyway – I love this product too much to not wear it!

*Quick touch up? Yep, parties can change into wild ones especially when they play Britney on a dance floor so make sure you always have some translucent powder to mattify your T-zone from time to time!

So these are my favorite make up products and some of them might work for you too, some don’t and some you probably use already. Let me know what are your holy grails in your make up bags and tell me what other Beauty related posts you wish to see here!

*I use affiliate links and that means that when you buy product from my link I will receive a % of the product worth from the brand BUT I doesn’t mean that you’ll pay more for it! I want to be transparent with you guys and I can admit that when an influencer recommends sth and I buy it because I want to try it out for myself I always use their links because it’s just a nice way to say – „Hey! Thanks for letting me know about it!” That’s all 🙂