New Years Resolutions is one thing that we all do at the beginning of 2018. I am not really a fan of making all these lists of things that you need to improve… diet, sport, life etc. Life isn’t about being perfect although it’s good to have self criticism and work on yourself. Nevertheless, for me beginning of the year is a time to plan my trips! This year I plan on visiting some really beautiful cities that I haven’t seen in a while as well to go on my first long distance travel. Finger crossed!

Ciao Roma!

The Eternal City… how long has it been? 10 years! I visited Rome in 2008 can you believe? So much has changed and the fact that I’m now art historian means that my list of architecture and museum that I want to see in Rome is endless. Borominni’s churches, Bernini’s sculptures, ancient ruins… it’s so much to see in this city that 5 days won’t be enough. I think I will make a Travel Guide when I return, what do you think?

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

Paris and fashion exhibition

I visited Paris last year after 5 years. I fell in love with the city so much that couldn’t imagine visiting it after another 5 years! What a coincidence that Palais Galleria is holding Martin Margiela exhibition in march 🙂 A perfect occasion to visit city of love one more time, see my favorite designer’s exhibition, drink coffee at Cafe the Flore and dream 🙂 Oh, and hope to see Versailles for the first time!

Photo by Nil Castellví on Unsplash

Italian Road Trip

Venice, Milan, Firenze. I was in every of this cities but never seen other regions of Lombardy and Tuscany. Last year I had the opportunity to visit south of Greece by car. And what a trip it was! I realized that you can never see such many places when you travel by plain, bus or train. We stopped wherever we want and see so much more that we planned.

This year is time to make an italian road trip. I plan to start in Venice, then go to Milan and explore Lombardy and then off to Firenze and Pisa and my beloved Tuscany. A true la dolce vita trip!

Photo by Dmitry Sovyak on Unsplash


I feel that everyone has been in Amsterdam besides me… that has to change! It was on my bucket list for a long time and hope I could finally discover dutch architecture, beautiful canals and art! Rijksmuseum is after Louvre and Prado probably one of the most important art gallery in Europe with outstanding works of art by Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer.

Thailand, Maldives, Bali

My trips are always about art and architecture (with a slight of fashion of course!), so my plan for 2018 to visit Thailand, Maldives and Bali seems a little odd even for me. I am totally in love with the cities, I love it’s vibrant lights, noise and even tourists attack during summer, but me on a desert island or in a jungle was never my thing. But few years ago I started practicing yoga and last year I learned about a power of meditation. Everyone needs some rest from civilization, people and noise, that’s why the end of 2018 for me will be a time to relax and let go (hopefully on some beautiful beach!)

Until next time!