If I had to choose my favorite fashion era it would definitely be 90s. (and not only because I was born there!). I love diversity of the 90s – Calvin Klein minimalism, Carrie Bradshaw style from Sex and the City, even the MTV starts camp outfits. But there is one particular icon that style is epic – Carylyn Bessette Kennedy.

President’s Kennedy sons wife is perfect example of New York style – posh and casual. She’s mix top designers with sport pieces from Nike. I love her minimalistic Calvin Klein tube dresses that she wore to the parties and hoodies with baseball hat she’d wear to her a newspaper in the morning.

I wanted to show you below 3 pieces that I sight to for a while. Firstly Isabel Marant blazer. I think I have never try on better fitted blazer that Isabel Marant one. I dream about this navy one. Second of all New Balance 860 v2 (yep, I am a total sneaker freak and can name every specific names of them). I’ve been hunting for them for months and started thinking if I can get Birkin bag sooner then them. Last but not least… Cartier watch. I’ve never been watch kind of girl, but Cartier Tank is definitely on my wishlist. And more importantly it need to be vintage! 

What’s on your dream list?


Beige trench, Toteme hat, cartier watch


Blazer ISABEL MARANT ETOILE (simmilar tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)


Bag KHAITE (simmilar tutaj)


Coat H&M (simmilar tutaj, tutaj, tutaj)

Hat TOTEME (simmilar tutaj)


Hoodie NIKE

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