To be honest I don’t know how could I live without it all these years. I bought my first black long coat 4 years ago, I was very unsure about it but really liked it at the same time. Long coat is a staple piece in every Scandinavian it girl’s closet – it is warm and looks perfect with sweater, jeans and trainers. And you know how I love minimalism, right?

This year I decided to invest in navy one, and how was I surprised when it turns out that my dream one is available in H&M! To be more precise it was H&M Premium, a line with great quality pieces which I’m totally obsessed about (I have few pair of shoes and sweaters from H&M Premium and the quality of them is amazing).

It was a little bit pricy one, but I was opt for it – I was looking for at least 70 % of wool, because I hate when garment has too much acrylic and starts puffing. This one from H&M has 75% of wool and 25% of polyamide, so I know it will be a staple piece also in my wardrobe for years!

What do you think?

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Coat H&M Premium | Jeans H&M | Sweater Arket | Scarf Acne Studios | Sneakers Stan Smith

Photos by Marty Chudek

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