I recently have been to London and when I entered an Arket store a random girl asked me where is my bag from. I’ve answered that it is a polish designer thinking that she don’t know her anyway, so why bothering to pronounce a complicated polish name 🙂 I was wrong. The girl said: Yes, I know Zofia Chylak! And that’t why I wrote this post, to introduce you to one of polish girls favorite young bag designer. You will hear about her more and more 🙂

Zosia has debuted in 2010 r. In her first collection she presented black, leather, squared bags. Super minimalistic, classic and modern. But it’s not the first but the second collection that made women mad about CHYLAK bags.

Why? She presented a line of bucket bags that are elegant and casual at the same time. I don’t know how about you but when I buy bags I look at 2 things: quality and color, and in that case I only accept black bags. I am minimalist and in my closet I need only two types of bags: a small, casual one that I could wear on regular basis as well as in the evening and a bigger shopper for my work, studies and laptop. This two models were available in Chylak collection that’s why I felt in love with the brand and immediately signed them for my must have list.

In capsule collection you can find small and large bucket bags with a python or crocodile pattern made with great quality black, italian leather and adorned with a little tassel. That design is elegant, casual and fashionable at the same time as well as practical! The bucket bag shape allows you throw there a lot of stuff. Believe me I checked!

The classic small bucket bags you can buy for 160 euro and bigger ones for 240 euro. So in that case I think that it is a relevant price for such a quality and polish design. For me it’s worth it!

I bought small bucket bag almost half a year ago and after this time I can honestly recommend it. After 6 months of wearing it almost every day (as I said I don’t have plenty of bags, I only need one or two) it didn’t damaged or lost its shape. But I found that beside its small shape it can hold a lot of stuff. If you want to check how it looks make sure to go to the STYLE in menu, because I can assure you – you can find it in almost every outfit from last 6 months 🙂

photographs by  Marta Chudek 🙂