There is one question that you can hear from a girl at least few times a week and that is: I have nothing to wear. Am I right? I know I am because I used to have the same issue, so many stuff, but not enough options to wear. I decided to change that and in this post you can read how and why 🙂

I have nothing to wear

To be honest creating a perfect wardrobe is not as hard as you may think. First of all I can tell you right know that an organized wardrobe have less and not more stuff. If you want to have a wardrobe which suits every occasion, is not damaging for your wallet and doesn’t force you to go shopping every month, here are 5 tips that I’ve tested and believe me – they work! And now to the point!

Do you really need a wardrobe?

This question is super trivial but I’ve wanted to ask this anyway. Of course you need wardrobe, because otherwise you’d have to keep your clothes in open space, but from my experience I found so much easier to have my seasonal clothes exposed in a stand, the one that you can buy in Ikea for instance. Why? First of all, when you put your stuff on a stand you know right away if they fit together? And for that I mean, can you mixed this stuff or every one piece have a different style, different color and different pattern? Take some time to diagnose your wardrobe.

DSC_2846-2small copy

Does your clothes fit on the stand?

Does your clothes have similar color palette?

Can you wear them both and make outfits with them?

The most common mistake when buying clothes is not thinking about an overall style of your wardrobe and constantly collecting new items. Because of that you have a lot of stuff and paradoxically you have nothing to wear. For example you have only black and white stuff but decided to buy camel boots that actually can’t work with anything in your closet because you don’t have warm toned items. Here’s what I do.

Every season I put all of my clothes on a stand. I look at them and already know what is missing. Then I start thinking about clothes that I should invest in, the ones that would give my style a little freshness. Perfect closet is a planned one. Don’t rely on your instinct when you are already in a shop, because you’re probably like more stuff than you actually need.


Don’t be afraid to print screen

How to go shopping and not spend a fortune? Easy. Print screen! When you already looked trough your closet and diagnosed what’s missing and what would suit other stuff and complement your style, find it online. Nowadays you can find everything online and sometimes even more. Go to your favorite stores websites, search trough their collection and print screen what you like and need. Look at your print screens. When they are next to each other you can think are these clothes look nice together? Maybe there are more ones that you like and not necessarily need!

This is your shopping list buy it online or go to the store.

DSC_2936 copyhh

Basic, basic, basic

If you don’t have basics you don’t have a proper closet. Things like white shirts, fitted jeans, basic T-shirts, grey sweaters are here to match your every outfit, to make sure that all that colorful and patterned stuff have a right background. What happens when you don’t have it? Well, you probably look overdressed or super avant grade. If you don’t have basics make list of things that you need and invest in one at a time, believe me it’s worth it, trends can wait.


Quality over quantity

Another trivial one but what can I say. Why invest in quality? Because it looks better. When you buy an acrylic sweater it will pull after few days of wearing, and that means that you’ll have to either wear this awful piece or throw it away and buy another one. Total waste of money. Why not buying wool or cashmere one in a first place? Quality doesn’t mean buying expensive designer stuff, there are a lot of high street stores that offer Premium labels and collections. Personally I love H&M Premium, H&M Conscious, H&M Studio, Mango Premium or Mango Committed as well as Cos and Arket. Make sure to check out labels, Zara also have some leather shoes made in Italy!


Don’t be afraid to get rid off stuff

If you haven’t worn something for a year it doesn’t mean that you won’t wear it in the future, but if you heaven’t worn something for 2 or 3 years you definitely won’t! Don’t be afraid to get rid off stuff, they only take a space in your closet and you can donate them to charity or sell them (if they still look good).


Hope my 5 tips and tricks can help you,

All the best,