Last time I wore a puffer jacket I was in secondary school. It ended just below my hips just like my jeans. I had to hear out my parents every they that I will have a kidney disease for it, but doesn’t care – super short jacket looked cool and I didn’t care that I was cold. There’s is something amazing about growing up – wisdom. This winter after over 10 years I bought another puffer jacket. Long and super cosy. After 27 years of my life I finally found compromise between being well dressed and cosy at the same time 🙂 Did you also laugh about your school choices? 🙂

Camel H&M hiking boots

Ganni wool beanie hat

Puffer jacket and hiking boots from H&M


Beanie GANNI (simmilar tutaj i tutaj)

Puffer jacket H&M (simmilar tutaj i tutaj)

Shoes H&M (simmilar tutaj i tutaj)

Jeans LE BRAND (simmilar tutaj i tutaj)

Blouse HIBOU (simmilar tutaj i tutaj)

fot. Marta Chudek