At the moment my main interest at my studies is applied art. I’m in love with design, furniture, pottery or glass works, especially the new ones. Some people collect stamps, shoes or even alcohol, I decided that I love coffee so much, that it would be amazing to be able to drink it in a mug, that is a work of art itself.

I dreamed for a long time to buy this Ende Ceramics mug – it has a simple white shape but an elegant gold pull that looks like an infinity sign. Who doesn’t want to start a day with coffee in this beautiful porcelain mug? 🙂

DSC_1102-3 copy


DSC_1104-3 copy

DSC_1180-2 copy

Ja zabieram się do pracy a jeżeli wam również przyda się odświeżenie szafki z porcelaną, produkty Ende znajdziecie tutaj!

Do usłyszenia!